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As of November 2013 I am giving musicians that have a show at the Green Note the opportunity to have their performance recorded both audibly and visually. I offer multi-track recording from the desk of up to 16 channels or I also have a stereo pair of microphones that I can set up above the audience to really capture that 'live' sound, whilst still ensuring there are 14 channels individually recorded from the stage for post show in-depth mixing. I can also video the show in HD at 1080p from a camera mounted on the wall opposite the stage. Importantly, the recording is discrete and set up so that it won't intrude or impact on the performance. Due to the set up time I will also be at the venue 45mins early (at 5.15pm), enabling a more relaxed load in time and soundcheck (doors are at 7pm).


Prices for this service are listed below and are due before the performance. This does not include the cost of doing live sound which is separate and arranged through the venue. Prices are based on a single act, to record a multi-band bill add £30 to the total price of the package.

LIVE RECORDINGS: multi-track audio and video

Audio recordings are made with a Cymatic Audio LR16 running from the direct outs of the venue's Allen & Heath Mix Wizard. Videos are recorded via a Panasonic HC-V770 in 1080p at 50fps. The files that will be transferred from the cameras are AVCHD 2.0 Quicktime .MOV files and will may require conversion before editing. Please notify in advance if you require another format specific to a particular editing suite (such as Final Cut Pro X or iMovie). Multi-cam shoots are recorded with an extra 1 or 2 Panasonic X800s (with an iPhone 6 available as a 4th camera), also both in HD at 1080p & 50fps.


Since 2006 I have been resident sound engineer at London's biggest small venue.

I immediately felt an affinity to the place and it's my favourite venue in London for it's intimacy, atmosphere, food and friendliness. I cut my teeth there and although I have engineered in all sizes of venues across the UK and beyond, the Green Note endures as my musical Mecca.

Getting you the files: For video recordings the total size of the data can exceed 80GB (depending on number of channels, cameras and set length) so this can make it a little tricky to transfer. There are 3 ways I can get you the files:

1. 'Sneaker-net': you bring a mac-compatable hard drive or a laptop and I can transfer the files to you then and there at the end of the show. The hard drive needs to be formatted for Mac or NTFS and must be at least USB 3.0 speed..


2. Online transfer: I can host the files for two weeks on a server for you to download. This is the easiest way to transfer the files although with large projects it is likely to take a while and may be best to set downloading and leave overnight. After two weeks of free hosting this costs £5 per month.


3. 'Snail Mail': I can post you an SD card containing your files which you send back after transferring the data. For this I charge a refundable deposit of £25 + £5 postage/handling costs. If I do not receive the card back within 10 working days I keep the deposit and you keep the SD card.


Examples of finished edited Green Note Videos (Below):

Top-left is an example of a performance by Dan Walsh and Suhail Yusuf Khan recorded via multi-track, filmed from a fixed position on the venue wall and mixed the day after the show (£50 service + editing). Top-right is a 2 camera Multi-Cam shoot for Ruth Theodore (£65 service + editing).

Bottom-left: 3 camera Multi-Cam shoot for Sarah Jarosz (£80 service + editing). Bottom-right: Basement video shoot (£100 + editing).

Multitrack audio + 1 Camera (£50)

Multitrack audio + 2 Cameras (£65)

Multitrack audio + 3 Cameras (£80)

Basement Gig Recording (£100)